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Eco World Technology Berhad is a legally registered company in Malaysia since 2017 and it belongs to an international group of companies that are in no way associated directly or indirectly with another familiar corporate entity known as "EcoWorld Development Berhad" or  its known associated companies.

We make this statement in light of the recent information that has come to our attention of certain individuals / agents who has been trying to spread false rumors of our association with the mentioned company and misrepresenting the validity of our corporate identity, rights and nature of our business conduct.

We see this as an act of mischief intent based on creating unnecessary discord  between both organizations involved.

Therefore, in the spirit of fair corporate governance and open market rights; we now advice all those involved to Cease and Desist in their actions or else we shall be forced to seek legal action against all those involved accordingly.


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New Corporate Logo


In view of the current changes that are effecting and influencing the world we live in, we at Eco World Technology Group are also embracing these changes in a positive and confident outlook.

This will be our first major corporate rebranding process since our inception in 2017 where the focus will be more towards Sourcing and Developing Sustainable Infrastructure & High Yield Growth Related Development Projects.

We start off with the redesigning of our corporate logo which incorporates our new corporate motto of "Life Force, Growth & High Productivity"

The design of the logo actually showcases these 3 elements in its floral leaves design; which we name it as the "AGLAN" Leaf The colour "Blue" represents the very life force of the earth which powers our entire organization.

The colour "Green" is the growth in harmony with nature value which we try to instill in all our projects and business modules.

The colour " Yellow" is the high yield in our productivity which we strive to achieve in all our undertakings and business dealings.

In our bid to maintain and further enhance our brand awareness and uniqueness, we at Eco World Technology Group have chosen to reassign our corporate homepage to reflect our International Business by opting for a shorter domain URL to help our clients, partners and business associates identify with us more efficiently with ease.

You can now find us at our new organization website at:

Simple, short and sweet. No misrepresentations or mistaken page landings. These are just part of the entire restructuring and reinforcement of our continuous corporate rebranding exercise and initiatives to better serve and grow as responsible corporate organization.