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KISEUME - Golden Anti Wrinkles Series

This latest combination of turmeric and gold allows the skin to absorb from the epidermis into the epidermis, and there are many products on the market that are not necessarily absorbed from the epidermis into the subcutaneous tissue, because the subcutaneous tissue is the deepest part. Set Includes:

1) Golden and anti-wrinkles serum

Promote the growth, increment and division of skin epidermis cells, Accelerate the metabolism of skin cells, eliminate toxins in the body, decompose and degrade melanocytes, nourish and whiten the skin, maintain the deep moisturizing of the skin, form a skin protective film, and make the skin as smooth and delicate as silk.

2) Golden and anti-wrinkles gel

Special addition of nano-gold pearl powder particles, resist, repair sun damage, repellent melanin, give full play to brighten, dispel yellow, light spot, moisturizing four major effects, so that the white light from the bottom of the muscle. Unique skin moisturizing factor, quickly combined with human skin, improve skin water shortage, water and tender aura. Moisturize at the same time nourish, replenish collagen, delicate skin, make it full and full. Can shape on the surface of the skin Silky protective film, construction of skin barrier, skin fresh and delicate, exquisite and tender.

3) Turmeric golden magnetic mud mask

Accelerate the blood circulation of subcutaneous tissue, activate cells, block melanin, replenish water, brighten skin colour to make skin white and transparent, and turn back to spring.

KISEUME - Anti-Sensitive & Moisturizing Series

This set of products is a major skin barrier repair product, mainly suitable for people in the skin barrier damage period, very suitable for sensitive skin season repair or prevent redness and itching and other allergic symptoms to use, mainly to bring the skin back to healthy youth.

1) Anti-inflammation hydrating serum

Designed for sensitive skin, can replenish skin energy, activate skin tissue, deeply nourish and assist skin rebirth, quickly play the effect of activating and awakening skin, provide the most perfect care for skin, make skin look ruddy and glossy, delicate and smooth, tender and elastic after use.

2) Anti-inflammation hydrating lotion

Antioxidant sufficient skin moisture, make the skin in different cortex brighten and whiten skin colour, strengthen skin lock water and moisturize function, retain the moisture needed by skin. Strengthen cell reconstruction and repair skin, effectively reduce sensitive and dry skin, make skin tender and smooth, skin colour uniform and transparent, elastic.

3) Anti-Sensitive and moisturizing radiant lotion

The biggest characteristic of plain cream is moisturizing, flawless and lasting. Moisturizing texture, quick-acting makeup, from the inside out, transparent element net naked makeup. Achieve a very moisturizing feeling in the aspect of skin care. Natural adjustment skin colour perfect concealment dark sore, red blood silk light spot a touch of no mark, perfect concealment.

KISEUME - Whitening & Rejuvenation Series

This set of products combines Israeli Dead Sea mud and avocado butter and jojoba seed oil to achieve instantaneous whitening, moisturizing and brightening and has the effect of cleaning pores. The best Dead Sea mud mask composition, it can self-repair skin cells, absorb nutrients, enter the skin epidermis, so that the skin has enough moisture to moisturize, the skin will be tender, pores will shrink!

1) Whitening & Rejuvenating Skin Gel

Use hyaluronic acid and vitamin C to restore and replenish skin colour. Hyaluronic acid fills the skin with moisture to reduce the water line and increase softness and lustre. Vitamins whiten and tender skin, promote the production of collagen, make young, smooth and tight skin colour.

2) Whitening Lotion

It can promote the new generation of thanks, promote the new generation of human thanks, promote the blood circulation, improve the living effect of the cells, prevent the formation of freckles, inhibit melanin products, and make the skin white and transparent.

3) Whitening Skin Dead Sea Mud Magnetic Mask

The Dead Sea, which is 400 meters below sea level and the lowest point on Earth, has the highest salinity on Earth and is proved to be rich in the worlds highest skin-reinforced and repaired minerals, including magnesium, calcium, iodine, zinc and potassium. The famous Dead Sea black mud has mixed salt and skin cleaning and softened mineral composition. Can suck mask-vacuum cleaner to suck away pore garbage, time machine like backflow of time, replenish water, brighten skin colour to make skin white and transparent, and return your baby’s muscles.


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